Happify it

I have decided to happify this day on http://www.happify.com! I wore my husband’s What Would Jack Bauer Do Tee shirt (that I got him) and watched Master of the MIx for the first time! The DJs reminded me of how much clubbing I no longer do in my comfort zone! When we think about going clubbing I am always aware that I look like a dowdy old maid compared to all the gorgeous girls out there especially like when we are visiting Vegas or Miami! OOPS there I go again again comparing myself to others! Why do I do this? What purpose does it serve? Need to work on rewiring that part of my brain and not strengthen those ugly old dendrites that do not serve my higher self or anyone else! That is the fourth thing on my turning fifty list. Image

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Day one of serving myself

I will be turning fifty this year and starting this blog is one of the fifty things that I will be accomplishing this year. This is my first time blogging, I am starting this out of a commitment to be truer to myself this year. One of the truths that I must face is the need to lose fifty pounds this year. Somehow between hormones and comfort zones I am no longer the physical specimen that I was at twenty four when I enlisted in the reserves. So today after I publish this I will get on the treadmill and begin to change my body to match the new me that I am becoming. Image

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